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Pin Curls

Posted in curls, Hairstyles, How to, pin curls on September 13, 2009 by fancee

Pin Curls are the perfect way to create big, voluminous curls without the damage of heat and the inconveniece of rollers. They are also an alternative to nightly wrapping, bantu knots and twist outs.

Here’s how to create pin curls

Step 1: Start with straightened hair
Step 2: Apply a light moisturizer to your ends, and seal with your favorite oil.
Step 3: Take medium-large sections of the hair smoothing each section into one large curl
Step 4: Twist the curl down onto the scalp in a creating a circle.
Step 5: Create 6-12 curls depending on your length and thickness
Step 6: Secure the curl with two bobby pins in an ‘x’ position or a metal prong clip
Step 7: Cover with scarf and allow the curls to set overnight (the longer the better)
Step 8: Carefully finger style the curls into place the next day to preserve the body and prevent frizzing.

Protective Styling

Posted in Growing long hair, Hairstyles, Protective styling on September 10, 2009 by fancee

What is protective styling?

Protective Styling is wearing your hair in a way that protects your ends from friction, manipulation and the environmental elements.

Why should I wear my hair in protective styles?

The ends of your hair are the oldest section of your hair and therefore have been put through the most damage. Often people have a terrible misconception that their hair is not growing however, the hair is always growing out of the scalp, but you may not be retaining length if the ends are split and broken. By wearing protective styles you protect your ends from breakage and the end result is increased length. The goal of protective styling is protecting the ends of the hair so that you can retain more length.

What kind of protective styles can I wear?

The Bun – You have to start off with hair that is long enough to bun. Wrap the hair around and secure with a bobby pin or metal-less hair tie. Make sure that the ends of your hair are tucked in securely.

The Damp Bun – Basically you take the hair while it is damp and put it into a bun. The theory behind damp bunning is since the hair is damp it will retain the moisture while tucked away. I like to also seal with an oil for an added measure.

Braids &Cornrows – Braids and cornrows are a wonderful for choice for protective styling. The hair is braided and left alone for a long period of time. If the ends of the hair are folded under or tucked in, it is in fact a protective style. The low manipulation is wonderful for breakage control.

Full & Half Wigs – Full and half wigs have to be the best protective style ever. 90% to 100% of the hair is covered and protected from the elements. You can cornrow the hair underneath or bun it. It’s all about what works for you.

Ponytail – I’m talking phony ponies ladies. You can put your hair in a damp bun and tie a phony pony around it for extra flair. There are so many types of phony pony tails out there. Just be sure that it matches your hair color and texture. There is no sense in looking crazy ladies.
I’m sure there are other great protective styles out there. Drop me a line to have your favorite protective style featured on Good Hair Diaries. Happy healthy hair growing!