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Weave Regimen – Maintaining what is underneath – Part1

Posted in Growing long hair, My Regimen, Protective styling, Weave on October 22, 2009 by fancee
Hey folks! My last post was about my deciding to use a full sew-in weave as a protective style for a while. I am very happy with my decision to do this, but I thought I should go into serious detail regarding the maintanance of my hair underneath. Out of sight, out of mind does NOT apply when it comes to your hair. Let me state that this is how I CHOOSE TO TAKE CARE OF MY HAIR during the weave process. Take what you will from it and tweak what you need to. Let’s get started…
Before installing the weave…
  1. I always begin by co-washing my hair. There is nothing worse than installing a weave in dirty hair. You will be itching for days, and what you see under your nails will gross you out!
  2. DETANGLE! Lord, please make them detangle!
  3. Moisturize and seal the hair. Normally I would just moisturize and seal the ends, but since my hair is braided underneath, I go ahead and M&S the entire hair shaft.
  4. I let my hair air dry.
  5. Take the weave that you are going to install and wash it. I clarify and deep condition the hair the same way I would my own hair. Go in the same direction as the cuticle and don’t tangle the hair. I may or may not use heat during the conditioning process. ( It’s crazy how much hair dye comes out of the weave when you wash it.)
  6. Be sure to wash the weave in warm water and rinse the conditioner out in cold water. This will help the weave to be very soft when it dries.
  7. Let the weave air dry
After the weave is installed…
  1. Get a spray bottle or an applicator bottle with the narrow nozzle. Fill it up with your favorite liquid moisturizer. S-curl is awesome to use, but if you don’t have that then you can always dilute your favorite cheapie conditioner.
  2. Go ahead and lift up each track and spray or squeeze your moisturizer on the braids. This is time consuming, but completely necessary and it feels good.
  3. Get another applicator bottle and fill it with your favorite oil to seal the moisturizer in the hair. Be sure to get the oil on your hair and scalp and not the weave.
  4. Use the tips of your fingers to massage everything in. It feels great!
  5. Style as usual and cover with a silk or satin scarf or bonnet for bed.
The process is time consuming, but it’s sooooo necessary. If you decide that you don’t have the time to do this, than I would say that a sew-in weave is not a great protective style for you. Check out my next post on washing and conditioning your hair with a sew-in.
Have a happy and healthy good hair day!

My Hair Regimen as of October 1, 2009

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Nightly Routine:

My nightly routine is protein based. I am experimenting with this for 1 month to see if this helps with breakage and the health of my ends.
  1. Spritz hair lightly with Infusium 23 Repairologie Leave-In Treatment.
  2. Apply Sebastian Potion 9 Wearable Treatment throughout the hair.
  3. Moisturize with Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Moisturizer.
  4. Seal the ends of my hair with coconut oil and baggy.
If I know that my hair needs to be special for the next day, I will seal the ends with coconut oil and do a twist out or a roller set.
  1. Co-wash with a cheapie conditioner once a week (i.e. Suave, Vo5, etc)
  2. Deep condition once a week with Organic Root Stimulators Replenishing Conditioner
  3. Spritz hair with a light moisturizing leave-in conditioner (i.e. Diluted Suave or Vo5)
  4. Moisturize with Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Moisturizer.
  5. Seal with Coconut Oil
  6. Air dry in a pony tail
I will usually blow out my hair or do a roller set once a month. I add heat protectants to the regimen at this point to protact my ends.
  1. Clarify with Organic Root Stimulators Uplifting Shampoo (2x)

  2. Deep condition with Organic Root Stimulators Replenishing Conditioner

  3. Spritz hair lightly with Infusium 23 Repairologie Leave-In Treatment.

  4. Spritz hair generously with Chi Thermal Protectant

  5. Apply a dime size amount of Chi Silk Infusion through out hair

  6. Set the hair in rollers and sit under dryer or blow the hair out for a straight look.